Who we are

OUR MISSION: Uphold a reputation for unmatched service and integrity by producing premium cutting tools through innovative design and precise manufacturing.

The LRW way

LRW Cutting Tools has been in the custom tool game since 1993. That doesn’t make us the oldest, but it does mean that we have been successful at tailoring our operation to a focused approach to tooling. Sure, we can recondition, coat and develop standard tools, but we take the most pride in serving as our clients’ true partner in custom tooling solutions.

Today, we service large and small clients in the aerospace, automotive and woodworking industries across the United States and Mexico.




What to expect

There’s nothing we do better than seeking to understand your business to help create productivity improvements. You can think of us as a supplier, but we hope you consider us as an extension of your business, both with the same goal.

Every tool we design is to meet your specific needs. Other companies may seek to give you what you ask. We ask what you need and deliver a solution that makes the most sense for your business.


Richard Windsor, President

With more than 35 years in the industry, I’ve chosen to lead my business with the simple vision of delivering the highest-quality cutting tools, while improving customer productivity. A unique need isn’t always easily solved with a standard solution. This is why I’ve chosen to focus my energy and employee talent on delivering custom tools for my customers’ unique needs. Over the years I have built and retained a relationship with my customers by partnering to improve their productivity and reduce their overall tooling cost. I’m confident we can work together and do the same for you.

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